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16th Century Japan.

Minamoto no Kuri Yoshitsune.M42k.
Minamoto no Kuri Yoshitsune.
Ichi-no-Tani, 1184.

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Samurai in a  foul weather gear,  12c.M44k.
Samurai in a foul weather gear,
12 century.

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Minamoto no Kuri Yoshitsune.M49k.
Samurai with naginate.
16 century.

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Asigaru, Japan, 15c.M56k.
Asigaru, Japan,
15 century.

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Asigaru, Japan, 15 c.M71k.
Asigaru, Japan,
15 century.

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Samurai with a banner, 16c.M60k.
Samurai with a banner,
16 century.

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Samurai on march. Kagetora. 16c.M45k.
Samurai on march.
Kagetora. 16 century.

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Samurai on march. Takeda, 16c.M46k.
Samurai on march.
Takeda, 16 century.

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Darkness had fallen over 16th Century Japan.

The reigning Shogun could no longer control the ambitions Samurai warlords who had chosen to rule their territories independently.

The most powerful fought to expand their borders. Out of this turmoil rose two great warriors.
Kagetora - tempered by wisdom, fought to protect his people.
Takeda - driven by ambition and a desire to rule Japan.

Too men so evenly matched, their battles destined to become legend.

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