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We welcome all the people who are not indifferent of such a kind of art as tin miniature and who is interested in military history, national crafts.

     Our team "SVS " is founded by association of the craftspeople of historical military miniature living in Latvia (Central Europe): Ernest Veingart, Juri Rakov, Igor Nemilov and from Russia: Kasintseva group. Main scale of figures 1/32 (54 mm). Our technology make possible to transmit even the most small-sized elements and details of arms, signs, cut of uniform, similarity of features with the historical persons. The experienced artists paint figures according to the historical documents. We give consultations on the militaries uniform.

We offer the following kinds of exclusive works:

1. The exclusive painting yours (or ours) figures. Please describe it the detailed the better.

2. Manufacturing a diorama from your figures, or using any accessible figures. Please send to us the detailed description of the diorama. If you have some pictures, figures, etc. apply them please. If you have some data and-or web links which can help to us to make the diorama historically truthful, apply them also. We send you the pictures made by our designers. Then you send us the list of necessary changes if one. Finally we send you a ready diorama. Please look the best works of leading artist Maxim Pavlov in section dioramas.

3. The figure, can be exclusive, if you wish. It can be the one-time order as well as it can be your exclusive line. Cost of exclusiveness - a subject of conversation.

Also we produce bronze figures and mini sculpture with galvanic by cover (gold, silver, copper, etc.).

We're here to help you make your collection unique and your collectibles business successful !

To make the special Order please write or mail to the address:

SVS team
6 Zemitana,
Riga, LV1012,

Phone: +371-29575016
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